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Bandages were invented in the early 20th century. It is the most commonly used emergency medical supplise in peoples lives.According to different needs, there are various shapes of bandages nowadays.

According to the 2018 Medical Device Classification Catalogue of the State Drug Administration, Bandages are divided into: sterile bandages for single use, which belongs to the Class II medical devices, non-sterile bandages for single use, which belongs to the Class I medical devices. Both of them are used for first aid and temporary dressing of small wounds, abrasions, cuts and other superficial wounds. They are usually in the flat or rolled shape consisting of an gummed substrate, an absorbent pad, an anti-adhesive and peelable protective layer. The absorbent pads are generally made of materials that can absorb exudates. The contained ingredients do not have pharmacological effects. The ingredients contained in it cannot be absorbed by the human body.

However, It is best not to use the Bandages directly in the following situations:

● Small and deep wounds cannot be applied.

●Animal bite wounds should not be pasted.

●All kinds of skin boils can not be affixed.

●The wound with heavy pollution should not be pasted.

●Slight scratches on the epidermis do not need to be applied.

●Those with severe trauma and contaminated wounds.

●Being stabbed by nails, knife tips, etc.

●When the wound surface is not clean or there is foreign body in the wound.

●When there is ulceration and yellow water flow after scalding.

●Wounds that have been contaminated or infected, and wounds with secretions or pus on the wound surface should not be used.


Wego Bandages are divided into wound plaster( bandage), elastic wound plaster( bandage) and waterproof wound plaster( bandage). All of them are composed of a mat, a back patch and a protective layer (removed before use) that contacts the wound surface. For Elastic Wound Plaster, the back patch has elasticity. For Waterproof Wound Plaster, the back patch is waterproof.

Some special bandages:
1. Activated carbon transparent waterproof bandage. Activated carbon core has strong absorbability which can stop wound bleeding and accelerate healing.
● Activated carbon core is breathable to avoid wound whitening and stinky.
●Activated carbon core is breathable to avoid wound whitening and stinky.
●Activated carbon core has drying function to accelerate wound healing.

2.Elastic bandage specialized for heel
●Affordable and characteristic
●Its shape is curved and is not easy to fall off
●High elasticity and air-permeability
●Soft and adhere to skin contour

The instructions for use
●Clean the wound, apply the Band-Aids, and remove the release paper or film.
●Paste the Band-Aids onto wound position, make it fit with the skin.
●Change the product according to the wound.

Shelf life and storage. (Evidence of long term and accelerated Stability data):valid for 3 years

Storage Condition:Products should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated and clean environment without corrosive gases.

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