On December 29th, the Provincial Department of science and technology organized an expert demonstration meeting on the laboratory construction scheme of Shandong Province for advanced medical materials and high-end medical devices in Weihai. Six academicians, Gu Ning, Chen Hongyuan, Chai Zhifang, Yu Shuhong, Cheng Heping and Li Jinghong, and six experts from Peking University, Qingdao bio-energy and Process Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinan University, Rongchang biopharmaceutical and other universities, institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises attended the demonstration meeting. Yu Shuliang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of science and technology, presided over the meeting. Cao Jianlin, deputy director of the education, science, health and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Tang Yuguo, director of the Suzhou Institute of medical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Sun Fuchun, vice mayor of Weihai municipal government, attended the demonstration meeting. 

At the demonstration meeting, the experts listened to the report on the establishment scheme of the laboratory, and make opinions and suggestions on the research direction, operation mechanism, talent introduction and construction planning of the laboratory.

Cao Jianlin pointed out that Weihai has a good medical industry foundation, and the construction of provincial laboratories for advanced medical materials and high-end medical devices meets the requirements of industrial development.

Yu Shuliang pointed out that Weihai attaches great importance to and makes every effort to promote scientific and technological innovation, especially the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms, which will better provide scientific and technological support for the high-quality development of medical and health industry in our province. In the next step, the Provincial Department of science and technology will work with Weihai City to further revise and improve the establishment scheme according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by Minister Cao and academicians and experts in the direction, characteristics, system and mechanism, open cooperation and condition guarantee of Weihai laboratory, so as to ensure that Weihai laboratory can be approved as soon as possible.

Post time: Jan-06-2022