• WEGO-Chromic Catgut (Absorbable Surgical Chromic Catgut Suture with or without needle)

    WEGO-Chromic Catgut (Absorbable Surgical Chromic Catgut Suture with or without needle)

    Description: WEGO Chromic Catgut is an absorbable sterile surgical suture, composed of high quality 420 or 300 series drilled stainless needles and premium purified animal collagen thread. The Chromic Catgut is a twisted Natural Absorbable Suture, composed of purified connective tíssue (mostly collagen) derived from either the serosal layer of beef (bovine) or the submucosal fibrous layer of sheep (ovine) intestines. In order to meet the required wound healing period, Chromic Catgut is proce...
  • Traditional Nursing and New Nursing of Caesarean Section Wound

    Traditional Nursing and New Nursing of Caesarean Section Wound

    Poor postoperative wound healing is one of the common complications after surgery, with an incidence of about 8.4%. Due to the reduction of the patient’s own tissue repair and anti-infection ability after surgery, the incidence of poor postoperative wound healing is higher, and postoperative wound fat liquefaction, infection, dehiscence and other phenomena may occur due to various reasons. Moreover, it increases the pain and treatment costs of patients, prolongs the hospitalization time...
  • WEGO Sutures Recommendation In General Surgery Operation

    WEGO Sutures Recommendation In General Surgery Operation

    General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents including the esophagus, stomach, colorectal, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, herniorrhaphy, appendix, bile ducts and thyroid gland. It also deals with diseases of skin, breast, soft tissue, trauma, peripheral artery and hernias, and performs endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy. It is a discipline of surgery having a central core of knowledge embracing anatomy, phys...
  • Surgical Suture Threads Produced By WEGO

    Surgical Suture Threads Produced By WEGO

    Foosin Medical Supplies Inc., Ltd, established in 2005, is a joint venture company between Wego Group and Hong Kong, with total capital over RMB 50 million. We are trying to contribute to make Foosin become to the most powerful manufacture base of surgical needle and surgical sutures in the develop countries. Main product covers Surgical Sutures, Surgical Needles and Dressings. Now Foosin Medical Supplies Inc., Ltd can produce different kinds of surgical suture threads: PGA threads, PDO threa...
  • Taper Point Plus Needles

    Taper Point Plus Needles

    A variety of modern surgical needles are available to today’s surgeon. However, a surgeon’s preference of surgical needles, is usually influenced by experience, ease of use, and the postoperative result, such as scar quality. The 3 key factors to determine if it is the ideal surgical needle are the alloy, the geometry of the tip and body, and its coating. As the first part of a needle to touch the tissue, the selection of needle tip is a little more important than the body of needle in the te...
  • Recommended cardiovascular suture

    Recommended cardiovascular suture

    Polypropylene – perfect vascular suture 1. Proline is a single strand polypropylene non absorbable suture with excellent ductility, which is suitable for cardiovascular suture. 2. The thread body is flexible, smooth, unorganized drag, no cutting effect and easy to operate. 3. Long lasting and stable tensile strength and strong histocompatibility. Unique round needle, round angle needle type, cardiovascular special suture needle 1. Excellent penetration to ensure every excellent tissue ...
  • Recommended Gynecologic and Obstetric surgery suture

    Recommended Gynecologic and Obstetric surgery suture

    Gynecologic and Obstetric surgery refers to procedures that are performed to treat a variety of conditions affecting the female reproductive organs. Gynecology is a broader field, focusing on the general health care of women and treating conditions that affect the female reproductive organs. Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. There are a wide range of surgical procedures that have been developed to treat the vari...
  • WEGO N Type Foam Dressing

    WEGO N Type Foam Dressing

    Mode of Action ●Highly breathable film protective layer allows water vapor permeation while avoiding microorganism contamination. ●Double fluid absorption: excellent exudate absorption and gel formation of alginate. ●Moist wound environment promotes granulation and epithelialization. ●Pore size is small enough that granulation tissue can’t not grow into it. ●Gelation after alginate absorption and protect nerve endings ●The calcium content exerts hemostasis function Features ●Moist foam with ...
  • Plastic Surgery and Suture

    Plastic Surgery and Suture

    Plastic Surgery is a branch of surgery concerned with improving the function or appearance of parts of the body through reconstructive or cosmetic medical methods. Reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body. Such as skin cancer& scars& burns& birthmarks and also including congenital anomalies including deformed ears& cleft palate& cleft lip so on. This type of surgery is usually done to improve function, but may also be done to change appearance. Cos...
  • Self-adhesive (PU Film) Wound Dressing for Single Use

    Self-adhesive (PU Film) Wound Dressing for Single Use

    Brief Introduction Jierui Self-adhesive Wound Dressing is divided into two types according to the main materials of the dressing. One is PU film type and another is Non-woven Self-adhesive type. There are many advantages fof PU film Slef-adhesive wound dressing as following: 1.PU film wound dressing is transparent and visible; 2.PU film wound dressing is waterproof but breathable; 3.PU film wound dressing is Non-sensitive and antibacterial, high elastic and softer, thinner and softer than Non...
  • Acne Cover

    Acne Cover

    The academic name of acne is acne vulgaris, which is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of hair follicle sebaceous gland in dermatology. Skin lesions often occur on the cheek, jaw and lower jaw, and can also accumulate on the trunk, such as the front chest, back and scapula. It is characterized by acne, papules, abscesses, nodules, cysts and scars, often accompanied by sebum overflow. It is prone to adolescent men and women, also commonly known as acne. In the modern medical system,...
  • WEGO Type T Foam Dressing
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