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Surgical Suture thread keep the wound part closed for healing after suturing.

From the absorption profile, it can be classified as absorbable and non-absorbable suture. Non-absorbable suture contains silk, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, PVDF, PTFE, Stainless steel and UHMWPE.

Silk suture is 100% protein fiber natured from silkworm spun. It is non-absorbable suture from its material. Silk suture needed to be coated to make sure it is smooth when crossing the tissue or skin, and it can be coated with silicone or wax.

Silk suture is multifilament suture from its structure, which is braided and twisted structure. The common color of silk suture is dyed in black.

Its USP range is large from size 2# to 10/0. The usage of it from general surgery to ophthalmology surgery.

Nylon suture is originated from synthetic, made from polyamide nylon 6-6.6. The structure of it is different, it has monofilament nylon, multifilament braided nylon and twisted core with shell. The USP range of nylon is from size #9 to 12/0, and can be used in almost all operation room. The color of it can be undyed or dyed in black, blue, or fluorescent (vet use only).


Polypropylene suture is monofilament suture dyed in blue or fluorescent (vet use only), or undyed. It can be used in Plastics and Cardiac and Vascular surgery because of its stability and inert property. The USP range of polypropylene suture is from 2# to 10/0.


Polyester suture is multifilament suture coated with silicone or non-coated. The color of it can be dyed in green blue or white. Its USP range from 7# to 7/0. Its large size is highly recommended on Orthopedic surgery, and 2/0 is mainly used for Heart Value Replacement surgery.


Polyvinylidenfluoride also named as PVDF suture, is monofilament synthetic suture, dyed in blue or fluorescence (vet use only).  The size range is from 2/0 to 8/0. It has the same smooth and inert with polypropylene but has less memory compared with polypropylene.


PTFE suture is undyed, monofilament synthetic suture, its USP range from 2/0 to 7/0. Ultra Smooth surface and Inert on tissue reaction, the best choice for dental implant.

ePTFE is the only choice for Heart Vale Repair.

Stainless steel is originated from medical grade metal 316L, it is monofilament color in steel nature. The USP size of it is from 7# to 4/0. It is usually used on Sternum closure during the open-heart surgery.


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