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A variety of modern surgical needles are available to today’s surgeon. However, a surgeon’s preference of surgical needles, is usually influenced by experience, ease of use, and the postoperative result, such as scar quality.

The 3 key factors to determine if it is the ideal surgical needle are the alloy, the geometry of the tip and body, and its coating. As the first part of a needle to touch the tissue, the selection of needle tip is a little more important than the body of needle in the terms of geometry of the tip and body.

The type of needle tip is selected based on the particular tissue type where they are used. The needle tips, taper point, blunt point, cutting( conventional cutting or reverse cutting) and taper cut, are the most common ones. A conventional cutting needle is used for tough tissue, such as skin, whereas a reverse cutting needle is a better choice to reduce the risk of tissue cutout. A taper-point, round-body needle are used in tissues that are easy to penetrate and in crucial procedures such as tendon repair, where suture cutout would be disastrous. A blunt-point, round-body needle, with a softer point, dilates rather than cuts the tissue. For example, it is preferred by surgeons in abdominal facial closure, to prevent inadvertent visceral injury and bleeding. The taper-cut needle, combing the advantage of taper point and cutting, it punctures and dilates the tissue then. It is used for vascular anastomosis.

With the higher request from modern surgeries and experience of surgeons and patients, a new type of needle tip, taper point plus was made based on the regular taper point. The front end of needle behind the tip was modified. In a modified profile, the tapered cross section immediately behind the tip has been flattened to an oval shape rather than a conventional round shape as the comparison picture as below.
This is continues for several millimeters before merging into the conventional round bodied cross section. This design was developed to help facilitate improved separation of tissue layers. This structure can reduce damage with cell and product gloves from broken. This modified design is a real improvement on the penetration force, especially when the surgeons put this needle into surgery and it shows better improve than test by a machine
Noe this Taper Point Plus available by Wegosturues, with a better cost performance, any consult from you is well welcomed.

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