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What is TPE?

TPE is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomer?

Thermoplastic Elastomers are well-known as thermoplastic rubber, are the copolymers or compounds that have thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. In China, it is generally called "TPE" material, basically it belongs to styrene thermoplastic elastomer. It ‘s known as the third generation of rubber.


Styrene TPE (foreign called TPS), butadiene or isoprene and styrene block copolymer, performance close to SBR rubber.

TPE is also a general term for all thermoplastic elastomers, it belongs to the family of thermoplastic rubber materials, including TPR,TPU,TPV, TPEE,TPO, TPAE,etc.The full English name is Thermo-Plastic elastomer.

Usually,TPE refers to SEBS based blends modified thermoplastic elastomers. The TPE of SEBS, hardness range of 0~100A, the appearance of transparent or natural particles. The flame is yellow and blue or yellow, and the smoke is light and fragrant.

TPE shows thermoplastic characteristics above melt temperature, that can allow them to be shaped into fabricated articles easily.Thermoplastic elastomers as a new generation of synthetic rubber, has begun to replace part of the traditional synthetic rubber, the application field is expanding.

TPE has most characteristics similar to thermoplastics and thus is used in several applications. Like other thermoplastic rubbers, TPE is also considered a successful blend between plastics and rubber.So it is broadly used in Toys, Water pipes, Electronics, Cables, Sports equipment, Food packaging, Kitchenware, Medical equipment and other industries.  

Jierui Medical TPE compounds

In order to meet the demands on high quality medical TPE Compounds.

Weihai Jierui Medical Products Co., Ltd (WEGO Jierui) developed nearly  30 kinds of formulas for TPE Compounds.


Jierui TPE parallel twin-screw extrusion production line

The TPE compounds produced by Jierui Company, does not add any plasticizer that has adsorption on the drug, nor does it add any stabilizer containing metal ions, which will not pollute the drug liquid, nor will it cause potential harm to the patient's health when plasticizer or stabilizer containing metal ions enter the body.

According to the detection results of more than 30 drugs by HPLC or UV-Vis spectrophotometry in Shandong Medical Industry Research Institute and Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, the reducing substance content in the product is 0.1 mL /L, PH change is 0.2, heavy metal content is 0, uv absorbance is 0.001. Hemolysis was 0.2%, cytotoxicity, intradermal stimulation and sensitization were 0. 

Except the traditional properties, Jierui TPE compounds also have other advantages:

1.In terms of physical properties, a wide range of hardness, excellent transparency, gloss, and comfortable feel, with good uv resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, both rubber and plastic advantages.
2.It’s easy to recycle and reduce costs.The used TPE products can be simply recycled and then recycled to reduce environmental pollution and expand renewable resources.
3.The waste generated in the production process (escape burr edge, extrusion waste glue) and the final waste products, can be directly returned to reuse.            

WEGO Jierui established in 1988, and now is one of the biggest supplier of Compounds products to China and foreign medical Industrial. WEGO Jierui

Compounds include PVC and TPE two lines, near 100 formulas availabe for client choosing.

We've successfully support over the manufacturer on IV set/Infusion manufacturing high quality products in more than 20 countries.

Annual Production Capacity is more than 20,000 MT PVC granula and 3,000MT TPE granula, Including Non-DEHP PVC granula 4000MT and 600MT.

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