Veterinary Medical Devices

The harmony relation between human and everything established with the developing of economics which all around in this modern world, Pets is becoming a new member of families step by step in the past decades. Each family own 1.3 pets in average in Europe and US. As special member of the family, they bring us laugh, happiness, peace and teaching the kids to have love on life, on everything to make the world better. All the medical device manufacturer bears the responsibility on supplying the reliable medical devices for Veterinary with the same standard and level.

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In another field, with the developing of Food Industrial, Stock Farming raising up the bulk request on special designed medical devices and equipment to make their output stable and safe. The expanding of Stock Farming increase the supplying to meeting the requirement of people, but also brings higher demand on the surgery to these livestock, not only in quantity and quality, but also on the affordable expenses. To keep the high output need make these livestock in higher livability in the circle, that more surgery to be applied. dAll these push the blooming of Veterinary Medical market.

Veterinary Medical Devices.

We applied the most advanced technologies to the veterinary medical devices to makes it complaint with ISO standard, even FDA and EC standard. The line of Veterinary Sutures offered the industrial a new level of safety and performance. Most animals has deep color furs, to locate and identify the surgery part with Blue/Black color is really hard, the Fluorescent color thread sutures in our product line will help the surgeons out of this trouble, available in Polypropylene Monofilament and Polyamide/Nylon sutures. To help the pets out of wound infection, anti-bacterial coating applied to help the wound healing faster.  Special size and shape needle also available.

We also in the position to supply the veterinary surgeon all their needs with the no different with regular medical device.

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