Everyday, we are working and working. We will feel tired and sometimes we will feel confused about life. So, here we culled some beautiful articles from the Internet to share with you.

Article 1. Seize The Day and Live in The Present

Are you someone who says the following phrases a lot? “In a minute”, “I will do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

If you are, please remove them from your vocabulary immediately and seize the day! Why? Because we never know how much time we have left —and it’s important we use every single bit of it!

Your children are only babies and young for one moment! Take pictures! Make videos! Get on the ground and play with them! Avoid saying, “No”, “As soon as I’m done” or any other delays.

Be a good friend! Make visits! Make calls! Send cards! Offer help! And be sure you let your friends know how much they mean to you!

Be the best son or daughter you can! Just as with your friends —reach out whenever possible! Let your parents know how much you love them!

Be a great pet owner! Make sure you give lots of attention to them and show them lots of love!

And last, but not least —let go of negativity! Don’t waste even one second on hateful or negative feelings! Let it all go and live of the moment— not for the past! Be sure to live every second as if it were your last!

Article 2. Sunset

We had a remarkable sunset one day last November.

I was walking in a meadow, the source of a small brook, when the sun, just before setting, after a cold gray day, reached a clear stratum in the horizon. The softest and brightest evening sunlight fell on the dry grass, on the branches of the trees on the opposite horizon, and on the leaves of the shrub oaks on the hillside, while our shadows stretched long over the meadow eastward, as if we were only motes in its beams. It was such a beautiful sight that we could not have imagined a moment before, and the air was so warm and serene that nothing was needed to make a paradise of that meadow.

The sun set on that retired meadow, where no house was visible, with all the glory and splendor that it lavished on cities, as it has never set before. There was only a solitary marsh-hawk having its wings gilded by the golden light. A hermit looked from his cabin, and a little black-veined brook meandered through the marsh. As we walked in that pure and brilliant light gilding the withered grass and leaves I thought I had never been bathed in such a golden flood, and never would again.

So, my friends, enjoy everyday!

Post time: Jan-17-2022