On March 25th, Yan Jianbo, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Weihai, came to inspect the situation of the resumption of key enterprises in Huancui district. He stressed that all departments at all levels should help enterprises solve practical difficulties and help enterprises quickly resume normal production and operation on the basis of strictly implementing normalized epidemic prevention and control measures.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, on the one hand, WEGO has made great efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the safety of employees. On the other hand, WEGO has made full use of the static employees in the factory to reasonably dispatch and work overtime to produce epidemic prevention materials, so as to fully supply the epidemic needs of the whole city.

Mayor Yan has a detailed understanding of the return of employees, nucleic acid testing, environmental killing, logistics and transportation, as well as the reserves of raw materials and protective articles. He encourages enterprises to strengthen their confidence, accelerate the resumption of production and operation, and report problems in time for joint research and solution.


In view of the fact that WEGO needs to import a large number of raw materials, he stressed the need to strictly prevent the risk that imported raw materials may carry viruses, and can only be used after standing still for ten days to avoid infection. We should strengthen the training and reserve of nucleic acid testing talents, build a strong testing team, and provide greater support for the next epidemic prevention work.

After investigating various enterprises, he stressed that a good grasp of epidemic prevention and control is the premise and basis for promoting various work of economic and social development. If the epidemic prevention and control is done well, the production and operation of enterprises will be guaranteed. On the basis of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, we should make full preparations, speed up the resumption of production, make up for the lost production capacity and reduce the impact of the epidemic. Departments at all levels should go deep into the front line of the enterprise, fully grasp the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of returning to work and production, especially focus on the return of employees and the passage of logistics vehicles, and help solve them realistically and point-to-point, so as to help the enterprise quickly return to normal production and operation. Enterprises should fully implement the main responsibility according to the new characteristics and laws of the spread of the epidemic, adhere to the same prevention of human, material and environment, and pay close attention to all prevention and control measures. The entry of enterprise personnel shall be controlled, and measures such as code scanning registration, double code inspection and body temperature measurement shall be strictly implemented to ensure that there is no epidemic risk for personnel entering the plant. We should strengthen the management of inbound non cold chain goods and goods from domestic risk areas, and implement various measures such as standing, testing and killing in accordance with the latest prevention and control requirements to eliminate the risk of epidemic spread.

It is reported that for the specific problems raised by enterprises, the office of the leading group (Headquarters) of the municipal Party Committee for overall epidemic prevention and control and economic operation has formed a supervision list and made every effort to speed up the solution.

Post time: Apr-15-2022