Common development”. In-depth cooperation should be carried out in the fields of medical and health care in personnel training, scientific research, team building and project construction.

Mr. Chen Tie, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee and Mr. Wang Yi, President of Weigao Medical Holdings signed the< Donation Agreement> on behalf of both parties. WEGO Group donated 20 million YUAN to Yanbian University, mainly for the construction of the medical research personnel training base of Yanbian University, as well as personnel training, scientific research and team building in the field of medical and health care.

Mr. Liang Renzhe, secretary of the university party committee stressed that the cooperation between the two sides is a major measure to promote the complementary advantages of educational resources and enterprise resources; and promote the integration of industry and education, which marks a substantive step forward in the cooperation between the two sides, and builds a platform and creates opportunities for the two sides to realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation.
Mr.Chen,founder of WEGO group,said that Yanbian University, as an institution of higher learning in border areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, has cultivated a number of outstanding talents for the country, which has made a great contribution to the stable development of China’s border areas and the cultivation of ethnic talents.

Post time: Aug-10-2021