January 11, 2022


Recently, The National Engineering Research Center for Medical Implant Interventional Devices and Materials of weigao group (hereinafter referred to as the “Engineering Research Center”) was listed into one new member of the 191 new management sequence list by the National Development and Reform Commission from more than 350 scientific research units. It has become the industry’s first  national engineering research center led and constructed by the enterprise, WEGO group’s scientific research and technology strength were recognized again by country.

As we know that the National Engineering Research Center is a “National Team” supporting and serving the implementation of major national strategic tasks and key projects, and is a research and development entity relying on enterprises, research institutes and universities with strong research and development and comprehensive strength.

WEGO Group together with Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established “National Engineering Laboratory for Medical Implanted Devices” in 2009, which was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Since the establishment of the WEGO Engineering Research Center , it has undertaken 177 scientific research projects, among which 38 are national-level, 4 representative technical achievements have been awarded national Science and Technology Awards, applied 147 domestic invention patents and 13 PCT patents, 166 valid invention patents have been obtained, and have participated in the formulation of  15 international or domestic or industrial standards.

In 2017, with the strong lead of provincial and municipal governments, the strong support of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the participation and great efforts of WEGO, WEGO Engineering Research Center passed the re-evaluation and became the first national engineering research center led by enterprises in the industry.

Post time: Jan-26-2022