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Our eyed needles are manufactured from high grade stainless steel which undergo rigorous quality control procedure to ensure high standard of sharpness, rigidity, durability and presentation. The needles are hand honed for added sharpness to ensure the smooth, less traumatic passage through tissue.

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Also we ensure that all needles undergo a series of thorough quality control checks. This helps to guarantee that all of the needles produced are created to our premium standards.

All of our professional grade needles are honed and finished by hand. Not only does the increase the sharpness of the product, it also ensures that the needles have a smooth passage through tissue when they are used. This process also helps to reduce the levels of trauma caused to the surrounding area.

Eyed needles can be offered in conventional cutting and round bodied. Round bodied needles taper gradually to a point whereas triangular bodies have cutting edges along three sides. Conventional cutting needles have the cutting edge on the inside of the needle curvature and hence directed towards the wound. Suture tension is therefore at the top of the triangular part of the needle and tear resistance is weak.

These round body suture with a point are tapered sharply at the end. It helps in puncture the tissue and allows the needle to follow through tissue following the sutures. It primarily used for suturing of the soft tissue, muscle, subcutaneous tissue& fat, peritoneum, dura mater.gastrointestinal, vascular tissue, biliary. Cutting needle must have the cutting edges along its shaft. A needle with cutting edges on the inside of the curve called a conventional cutting needle. A needle with cutting edges on the outside or lower edges of the curve called a reverse cutting. cutting needles used in connective tissue such as skin, joint capsule, and tendons

The 1/2 circle &3/8 circle &straight needle are possible

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