Staright Abutment

Abutment is the component connecting implant and crown. It is an essential and important component, which has the functions of retention, anti torsion and positioning.

From a professional point of view, the abutment is an auxiliary device of the implant. It extends to the outside of the gingiva to form a part through the gingiva, which is used to fix the crown.

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diameter 4.0 mm、4.5mm、5.5mm、6.5mm

Gingival height 1.5mm、3.0mm、4.5mm

Cone height 4.0mm、6.0mm

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——It is suitable for bonding and retaining repair of single crown and fixed bridge

——It is connected with the implant through the central screw, and the connection torque is 20n cm

——For the upper part of the conical surface of the abutment, the single dotted line indicates the diameter of 4.0mm, the single loop line indicates the diameter of 4.5mm, the double loop line indicates the diameter of 5.5mm, and the unmarked line indicates the diameter of 6.5mm

——The straight abutment has a non anti rotation type


Therefore, before dental implant, you must choose a regular dental clinic and a reliable implant doctor to ensure that you have a good implant with long-term effect.

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