Sterile Multifilament Fast Absoroable Polyglactin 910 Sutures With or Without Needle WEGO-RPGLA

As one of our main synthetic absorbable sutures, WEGO-RPGLA(PGLA RAPID) sutures are certificated by CE and ISO 13485. And they are listed in FDA. To gaurantee the quality the suppliers of the sutures are from the famous brands from home and abroad. Because of the characteristics of rapid absorption, they are more and more popular in many markets, such as USA, Europe and other countries.

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As the description in European Pharmacopoeia, sterile synthetic absorbable braided sutures consist of sutures prepared from a synthetic polymer, polymers or copolymers. RPGLA, PGLA RAPID, sutures are synthetic, absorbable, braided, sterile surgical sutures composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide. The characteristic rapid loss of strength is achieved by use of a polymer material with a lower molecular weight than regular PGLA (Polyglactin 910) sutures. WEGO-PGLA RAPID sutures are available undyed and dyed violet with D&C Violet No.2 (Colour Index number 60725).


WEGO-PGLA RAPID sutures are uniformly coated with poly(glycolide-co-lactide) (30/70) and calcium stearate .


WEGO-PGLA RAPID suture elicits a minimal initial inflammatory reaction in tissues and ingrowth of fibrous connective tissue. WEGO-PGLA RAPID sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation where only short term wound support is required, including ophthalmic (e.g. conjunctiva) procedures.
On the other hand, due to the rapid loss of tensile strength, WEGO-PGLA RAPID should not be used where extended approximation of tissues under stress is required or where wound support or ligation beyond 7 days is required. WEGO-PGLA RAPID suture is not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.


Progressive loss of tensile strength and eventual absorption of WEGO-PGLA RAPID suture occurs by means of hydrolysis, where the copolymer degrades to glycolic and lactic acids which are subsequently absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Absorption begins as a loss of tensile strength followed by a loss of mass. Implantation studies in rats show the following profile, Compared with PGLA((Polyglactin 910) suture).

Days  of Implantation Approximate % original strength Remaining
7 days 55%
14 days 20%
21 days 5%
28 days /
42-52 days 0%
56-70 days /

Available thread sizes: USP 8/0 to 2 / Metric 0.4 to 5

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