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Knotting is the last procedure of the wound closure by suturing. Surgeons always need continues practice to keep the ability, especially the monofilament sutures. Knot security is one of the challenge of the successful wound close, since so many factors effected including the less or more knots, non-conformity of thread diameter, surface smoothness of thread and etc. The principle of Wound Closure is “Faster is Safer”, but the knotting procedure need some times, especially need more knots on the idol sutures- PDO since the monofilament structure and the smooth surface. Barbed sutures was developed base on modern mechanic technology which applied on the Monofilament sutures, especially PDO. The thread was cut or made to Barbed by single or bin-direction that no need knot after penetration, the barbed on thread will close the tissue like a lock that makes the closing of tissue without knot become real. Surgeons welcome this design even it reduce the tensile strength since the effective diameter is finer than non-barbed thread in same size.


Endoscopic surgery was developed in the recent decades, it is a small revolution on the Open surgery that less tissue damage and much lower risk for the patient, and all surgeons loved it once available in his own filed.

Barbed sutures is the idol sutures for Endoscopic surgery since the property of knotless, but the anchor of the thread from the suturing start is the key to success, V-Loc of Medtronic was developed that contains a closed-loop in tail to secure the anchor of suturing start point. The operation of V-Loc need the needle and thread across the loop-end to anchor the thread with tissue which need more practice, and this is the burden of surgeons’. Wegosutures developed the Stopper Designprovides the more convenient way to anchoring the sutures compare with V-loc. 




Vloc vs. Wegosutures Kontless

The Stopper of Wegosutures knotless sutures is a triangle Stopper in the end of the thread which no need complicate operation in the narrow space of Endoscopic surgery. This design applied on Violet PDO thread first and other materials later step by step. Surgeons who has experiences on Endoscopic surgery can use the thread by this design without long time training and practice on simulations. The absorption profile same with Wego PDO thread, available from USP 2/0 till 4/0. The safety of PDO sutures already approved by the market in the past 30 years. With the growing of endoscopic surgery, the knotless sutures will growing rapidly in the market.

Another design on Endoscopic surgery sutures is the application of 5/8 circle needles, mostly by a fixed pathway in the instrument that the surgeon only need pull the trigger to suturing. 

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