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The eye is an important tool for human to understand and explore the world, and it is also one of the most important sensory organs. To meet the needs of vision, the human eye has a very special structure that allows us to see far and close. The sutures needed for ophthalmic surgery also need to be adapted to the special structure of the eye and can be performed safely and efficiently.

Ophthalmic surgery including periocular surgery which applied by the suture with less trauma and easier recovering, most at Monofilament Nylon with precision tip needle. Monofilament Nylon also use to fixed the Eyelids that keep the eye ball accessible for surgery.

Applying surgery on Eyeball is project with courage, circumspection with precision instruments. Surgical sutures for ophthalmic surgery was special designed to meet this requirement.


The outer layer of eyeball is a tough fibrous membrane, anterior 1/6 clear cornea, posterior 5/6 porcelain white sclera. The margin of the keratosclera is the transitional area of the cornea and sclera.

Keratoplasty surgery is a treatment way to use normal cornea replaces patient’s diseased cornea to let sight rehabilitating or control disease on cornea, which is intend to enhance vision or cure some cornea diseases. Because cornea itself does not contain blood vessels, in the "immune immunity" status, so that the success rate of cornea transplantation is a higher one in the allogeneic organ transplantation.

The Spatula needle was designed that have the sharpest tip that owns the ability to penetrate the hard outer layer of eyeball. It contains a flat needle body that stable the holding of the sutures, the flat body also provide the strength to keep the needle curve higher to avoid the deformation. The needle of spatula looks like a bayonet, combined with the blade edge performed by precisely grinding, it will cut off the breaking point by the blade edge.

Monofilament Nylon in Black color is the most used sutures in ophthalmic, especially in micro size like USP 9/0 and 10/0. Wego Ophthalmic sutures fixed the sutures needle and thread with a foam sheet which soft and strong to keep the thread less curve and protect the needle tip. 11/0 and 12/0 also developed to the market

Multifilament PGA in violet color also applied in the ophthalmic surgery, most in 5/0 till 8/0 size. The Absorption profile make the patient and surgeon quite convenient that no need back to hospital to remove the thread.

Twist Silk in Blue color for ophthalmic still have a lot market share with wind down form the market step by step.

Reverse Cutting and Taper Point needle also available.

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