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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is high strength thermoplastic material widely used in pipes, medical devices, wire and other applications. It’s white, brittle solid material available in powder form or granules.

PVC is a very versatile and cost-effective material. The main properties and benefits as below:

1.Electrical Properties: Because of good dielectric strength, PVC is a good insulation material.
2.Durability: PVC is resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion.
3.Flame Retardancy: Because of high chlorine content, PVC is self-extinguishing.
4.Performance: PVC has good physical as well as mechanical properties and provides excellent cost-performance advantages.
5.Excellent dimensional stability
6.Excellent transparency and appearance
7.The product meets the requirements of ethylene oxide, steam and γ/βray sterilization.

WEGO is established in 1988 having annual capacity of 20000 MT on chemical compound production, which is the major PVC supplier in China. Self-produced medical grade PVC compound is the key of WEGO group’ success. WEGO medical grade compound provides high formability, excellent plasticizing , high clarity performance, which approved as stable and reliable PVC products in the past 30 years by 20 medical device manufacturers in China and available overseas market.  

WEGO medical grade PVC compound are mainly used in Infusion set series (as like Catheter& Tube & Drip Chambers& Filter& Syringe Gasket )/Blood bag series (as like Regular blood bag& Calendering blood bag& Blood line set tube& Pump line& Blood bag/set components )and so on. Non-DEHP PVC compound meets the special requirement of medical devices without DEHP. 

Also we can supply non-medical PVC compound for other applications. For example, fishing rod, as like fishing rod cover& fishing rod handle& fishing rod stopper.

For Non-DEHP PVC compound, WEGO currently supply DINP PVC compound for tube, injection chamber and high-elastic tube for the Non-DEHP IV set.

We have facility 15000㎡ with 120 workers and 9 extrusion lines: 4 conical twin screw PVC extrusion line; 3 parallel double screw PVC extrusion line; 2 parallel double screw TPE extrusion line.

WEGO raw material suppliers are all advanced in their field from South Korea& Germany& USA& Japan& UK and they are managed by the headquarter with annual audit implanted. So our suppliers are trust and stable.

Our vision is to be partner of high quality medical device manufacturer. Focus on medical grade PVC and Non-PVC compound development and research, to be top medical polymer manufacturer and solution provider.

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